Frequently described as a mixed blessing, raising a children increases both parents capacity to love as well as test their limit of patience. As a very hardworking parent knows, getting out of house alone every once in a while feels like a blessing. But it is hard for a parent to leave their children even just for while especially if they are not sure if the person who will babysit them is competent enough. But can a parent measure the quality of a babysitter before entrusting their children to them?

Here are the five main qualities that you should for every babysitter that you want to hire:


The main characteristic that you should check on a potential babysitter is her patience. It is no secret that children will certainly test the patience of any newcomer to assess their position on the household. A patient is confident; they do not overreact when do something bad or misbehave because that will make the children to keep doing it. However, the babysitter must establish ground rules and always discipline the children in a right and acceptable way.

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This is the most crucial trait to evaluate on a babysitter. This means that they have a sense of urgency when it is needed, they own their mistakes, and they really keep an eye on the safety of the children. An irresponsible babysitter can cause many problems. She may leave the house a mess, break the rules that you set for her, and what is much worse is that she can jeopardize that safety of your kids. The best way to evaluate the sense of responsibility of a babysitter is through direct observation and learn about her lifestyle. You should find answers for questions like: is the living area clean? Does she stay out of trouble? Does she work at home?


Another important thing to check is the babysitter’s ability to communicate. Whether she is communicating with the kids or the parents, she needs to understand is very important in every babysitting job. This includes an easy-to-follow diction when speaking with the children so that they understand everything about their safety, when will dad and mom will be back, or even their bed time. Experienced and knowledgeable babysitter also tend to know ground rules more and avoid to call the parents as much as possible.


Next thing to assess is the resourcefulness of the babysitter. The babysitter should know what to do and who to call when emergency situations like fire, flood, injury or other things happen. Even though it is good to brief the babysitters on the important numbers and emergency procedures before you leave the house, it is much better if the babysitter is well-prepared and can handle these type of situations properly.


Lastly, babysitters should always be punctual. Consistently showing 10-20 minutes early is the best way to ensure that the parents can leave the house on time for their appointments. Babysitters who does not show up without any proper excuse, especially if it occurred more than once, maybe considered as irresponsibility in the way that they treat your kids.

These were some of the characteristics that you should look for a babysitter. An ideal babysitter should possess all these, if not more. We will continuously give tips and suggestions about babysitting and everything about babies on this site. Just continue to visit us to learn more.