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Here at Baby Sitting Forum, we will provide everything that you ought to know about babies and babysitting. We will provide you different tips and tricks that will make your babysitting job easy and less stress.

Babysitting, for many people, means their parents hired someone to watch over them when they were still kids. Many kids will remember their babysitter as someone who insisted to play the only educational games with them or someone who made them eat peas and vegetables at dinner, and then there is also a babysitter who ignored them completely and just watch nightly television shows.

Finding a good and reliable person to watch your kids is a difficult task. While many babysitters were hired just for one night, there are also many types of babysitting jobs out there. Find out more about these types in the following paragraphs.

In families that both parents work, it is very common for them to hire an all-day sitter or even a stay in a sitter. The all-day sitter will usually come to take care of the children during the day and leaves when one or both of the parents get home in the evening. Those who hire a stay in the type of nanny usually make them live in their house, the nannies also often to other tasks such as cooking.

Families do ask babysitters for other services such as tutoring, house sitting or even pet sitting. Tutoring is often included in the job description of a nanny, but you can also find college students who offer tutoring services for children in elementary grades through high school.

If you are someone who does not want to take care of kids, you should consider either a house or pet sitting. These jobs were usually in demand during summer when families go on their vacation so it would be difficult to find clients all year round.

Have you finally found a babysitting job and you do not have any idea how much you should be paid? This the most common dilemma for first-time babysitters. To give you some idea, the average babysitting rate these days is typically around $10 per hour but can vary widely anywhere from as little as $5 per hour all the way up to $17 or more. The reason for this is due to different factors. The main factors are location, experience, and a number of children to babysit.

  • Location. The location where family life does a play role in the rate of the babysitter. Commonly, if you live in a large city like New York where the cost of living is higher, then babysitting rates are also higher when compared if you live in small-town and rural areas.
  • Experience. How much experience you have also played a big role. A high school student with little to no experience would normally earn less than adults. Typically, teenagers are often happy for $5 per hour where an adult with years of experience would expect at least $10 per hour.
  • Number of Children. This is pretty much common sense. The more children the more work for the babysitter and the more money you should be paying them. Usually, you should pay you’re your babysitter an additional of $1-$2 per extra child.

These were just some tips when it comes to having a babysitting job. Keep on visiting and reading on our site to know more.